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Read and generate QR codes using the same application
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QR codes are becoming more and more ubiquitous these days. Their versatility and their storage capacity are boosting their popularity. You can find QR codes anywhere and you can add a QR code to almost anything. That is why CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator offers you both functionalities in one single interface – it gives you the option to load or capture a QR code and decipher it and the possibility to create one and save it as an image file.

This free program opens in a one-window interface divided clearly into two panels – one to read QR codes and another one to create them. You can load an existing QR code in various ways – you can capture it directly from your PC screen, use your webcam as you’d use your smartphone camera, or open an image file with a QR code in it (all the most widely known image file formats are supported). Alternatively, you can paste it from your clipboard, had you stored one there beforehand. As soon as the QR appears on the program’s interface, its content will appear in a text box below, allowing you to interact with it as you’d do on your phone.

When it comes to creating a new one, the process follows similar steps, though in reverse order. All you need to do is paste or type the text you want the QR code to carry and the code itself will appear on the screen automatically. There isn’t much more than you can do with that code, other than resize it and save it as an image file (regrettably, either as a JPG or a PNG file only).

We all know that there are many other QR tools that offer more sophisticated features and functions, with different shapes and colors, and even the option to include your logo in it if you wish, but they are very rarely free of cost. This program is and, despite its many limitations, it works beautifully, allowing you to read and create simple QR codes in no time, forever, and for free.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Opens QR files in all well-known image file formats
  • Automatic size option
  • Allows you to load QR codes from the screen
  • Captures QR codes through your webcam


  • Saves to JPG and PNG formats only
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